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The battles are concluded. The winners have triumphed

2020-12-28 05:51:29

After months of hard-fought competition in the inaugural AOC Maters Tournament, the final stages took place on 11th, 12th and 13th of December 2020.

The Game Is On, AOC Masters Group Phase

2020-11-20 15:56:00

The qualifiers are complete! The talent has been spotted. Now, after a fierce opening to the inaugural AOC Masters Tournament, 16 teams remain to pit their gaming wits against each other in the group stages on the 19th, 20th, 30th of Nov and the 1st of Dec.

A Gaming Experience Designed To Withstand Any Challenge

2020-11-20 15:01:25

The exclusive lifestyle brand Porsche Design and AOC, the leader in the gaming monitor market, have come together to introduce the first ever Porsche Design AOC AGON gaming monitor.

Launching the AOC Masters Tournament for Valorant - Join The Action

2020-10-15 19:44:09

Epic esports event will see teams pitting their skills against each other aiming to be in the grand final set for December

AOC G90 Reloaded

2020-10-15 10:24:05

The newly enhanced AOC G90 gaming monitors offers experienced gamers a ghost-, stutter- and tear-free gameplay experience in the tried and tested FHD (1920 x 1080) format they have come to trust, plus competitive features that include a VA panel, a fast refresh rate of 144Hz, plus a 1.0ms (MPRT) smart response time.

Pink Power! AOC's New Agon Monitor Targets Girl Gamers

2020-10-15 10:18:26

It should come as a surprise to no one, that female gamers, or "girl gamers" as they are popularly known, are a vital segment of the global gaming community.

AOC and Team RNG Form Strategic Partnership for Global e-Sports

2020-09-14 18:49:01

AOC has officially signed up renowned professional gaming team RNG (Royal Never Give Up) to strengthen its global position in e-sports, the exciting gaming industry that is experiencing fast growth both in terms of participation and viewing consumption.

G2 Latest News March-April 2020

2020-08-07 05:53:46

G2 Partnership Highlights

2020年8月 サポートセンター夏季休暇のお知らせ

2020-07-22 04:57:11

平素は、格別なお引き立てを賜り、厚くお礼申し上げます。 下記の期間中、AOCモニター・サポートセンターの夏季休暇の期間とさせていただきます。

「2020年7月 令和2年7月3日からの大雨による災害」にて破損・故障したAOC液晶モニターへのて特別無償修理サポートのお知らせ

2020-07-13 18:19:38

「2020年7月 令和2年7月3日からの大雨による災害」により被災された皆様に、謹んでお見舞い申し上げますととともに、一日も早い復旧を心より祈念申し上げます。 今回の水害にて破損・故障したAOC製液晶モニターに関しましては、修理可能な状態であれば無償修理にて承ります。