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AOC appoints Altech as Hong Kong and Macau Distributor

Hong Kong, 1 July 2010: AOC, a leading global monitor brand, today announced the appointment of Altech Computers as a new distribution partner in Hong Kong. Altech will be carrying AOC LCD and LED monitors, providing the Hong Kong and Macau reseller channel with professional service and ongoing supply of the already popular AOC display products. 

Joe Chan, Altech’s HK Branch Sales Manager said, “We are pleased and excited by the addition of AOC LCD and LED monitors to the Altech product range. I was recently privileged to preview AOC’s latest models at a product launch conference held in Beijing. One of the new releases will be the world's thinnest LED monitor, at just 12.9mm thickness.

“It’s not difficult to foresee that AOC can keep the growth of sales and the role of business leader in different countries. With AOC enjoying such a strong brand presence in the HK market and Altech’s rapidly growing reseller base, I am sure that together we can positively drive sales. At the same time, end-users can experience the excellent product quality and after-sales service provided by AOC – the worldwide monitor leader.

“My sincere suggestion to consumers: Please don’t make the decision to buy any brand of monitor until you have explored AOC's wonderful product quality and after-sales service. Thanks again to AOC, who give the opportunity to Altech of working together and creating another sales peak in the Hong Kong and Macau market.”

According to AOC Senior Sales Manager, Kan Yeung, “After 2 years’ development in HK, AOC has become a recognized brand name to resellers and consumers. In order to strengthen and enhance our goal to become the market leader in the LCD monitor industry within 3 to 5 years, we are eager to work with powerful local distributors. As a distributor in Australia and New Zealand, Altech has helped AOC to develop the high-end market there. Altech accounts for over half of the worldwide shipments of our award-winning premium 24” model 2434Pw and was awarded by AOC for outstanding performance in 2009. We hope that Altech’s special strengths can lift AOC business to a new level in the HK market, especially in the large-size and high-end display segment.”

About Altech Computers
Launched in 1997, Altech Computers Corporation is a privately owned Australian Company that has become one of the nation’s largest and most successful distributors of computer components and pre-built systems. Strong, competitive pricing and a focus on customer service gives a leading edge over competitors, reflected in a client base that exceeds 6,000 resellers and premium retailers across Australia.

Altech’s primary focus is to combine extensive knowledge and experience in the local market with strong international partnerships, providing excellent value and extensive knowledge on a broad range of over 800 products.

About AOC
Admiral, AOC former company, was founded in 1934 in Chicago, USA by Ross Siragusa. Admiral Overseas Corporation (AOC) was established in 1967 in Taiwan. With long-term dedicated research and development, AOC today offers a wide range of top-performing CRT and LCD monitors and LCD TVs.

Equipped with a strong and comprehensive product platform, production strength and scaled operations, AOC has been able to maintain year-on-year growth above 20% in the past 4 years. In 2009 alone, despite the global downturn, AOC shipped 10 million units of LCD monitor, representing an annual growth rate of 33.4%. In Asia Pacific, AOC market share is over 15%, ranking AOC second in volume (Source: IDC AP non-bundled PC Monitor Tracker Q4 2009, ex. Japan, Taiwan & Korea).

AOC is positioned to be one of the top global brands in providing the best value display technology. Nowadays AOC offers not just technology, but also a unique lifestyle feeling. AOC LCD monitors bring a green, entertaining, ergonomic life experience. AOC – Art of Colors.