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Pink Power! AOC's New Agon Monitor Targets Girl Gamers
It should come as a surprise to no one, that female gamers, or "girl gamers" as they are popularly known, are a vital segment of the global gaming community.
It should come as a surprise to no one, that female gamers, or "girl gamers" as they are popularly known, are a vital segment of the global gaming community. More surprising for many, though, will be recent research that reveals the number of females playing video games in Asia is growing at a faster rate than that of their male rivals. In fact, female gamers now represent nearly 40% of the gaming community in Asia.* 
AOC a global leader in the gaming-monitor market, a brand synonymous with high-performance and blazing gaming success, is at the forefront of the drive to support the needs of this dynamic group within the gaming community with differentiated product offerings that deliver a fresh new look aimed at helping female gamers realize their full potential in style! 
Building support for 'girl gamers' 
“To ensure support for the growing band of female gamers, AOC is now embarking on an exciting "Pink Power" marketing campaign (#pinkpower) that aims to boost support for female gamers”, said Kevin Wu, the general manager of MMD Singapore. “The goals of the AOC #pinkpower campaign include the full integration of female gamers within the global gaming community. At AOC we are confident that this will help to boost the morale of so-called ‘gamer girls’ and cultivate female empowerment in the gaming sector.” 
As part of the Pink Power campaign, AOC is introducing gaming monitors and accessories that bring a new fresh look to product lines more traditionally dominated by the male-inspired macho culture of the big, fast and furious "gaming rig".  
The initial offering is the AOC AG273FXR monitor which promises the brilliant speed, power and image rendering required for ultra-competitive gameplay. It is designed for the growing numbers of "gamer girls" who want to see some serious action without the "so yesterday" looks of the typical male-oriented gaming monitor need look no further. 
Agon AG273FXR: high performance plus high aesthetics 
The new 27-inch AG273FXR gaming monitor from AOC has a 144Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time and FreeSync Premium anti-tearing technology. The clear high-quality image rendering also receives a high-contrast color boost with an HDR10 capability. Featuring an IPS panel, supporting a versatile range of viewing angles, AG273FXR delivers 119% sRGB color space. 
Nevertheless, while the AG273FXR is a fully specced gaming monitor, its immediate impact is its sheer good looks and image, which break away from the tired reds and blacks of traditional "male-oriented" monitors with a light, airy aesthetic better suited to the decor, accessories and furnishings of a girl-gamer and her liberated lifestyle. The predominantly white casing, for example, is trimmed with a rose-pink bottom bezel, a winning combination of functionality and form. 
Excellent ergonomics contribute to the design formula, as the AG273FXR allows a 30° swivel, height adjustment up to 110 mm, -5 to 23° tilt, and 90° pivot between vertical and horizontal orientations. This ability to adjust the various angles and orientations of the monitor is vitally important to gamers, as they adapt their resources for the accurate input and control required by the gameplay. 
Meanwhile, AOC expects that games with the ability to engage large numbers of female gamers will gain even more traction, and the company is poised to help.